Family ties. . . an adoption story

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Times to remember


This is my first picture with my brother! This is Jimmy, 35, his 2 boys: Jessie 13, and Dusty 8.

My mom and I sure could tell who was who at the airport. I couldn't believe how much I look like her. All of the years wondering who I was like, etc, has now been fulfilled.

I would watch the talk shows and just cry when a reunion would take place. The tears, the joys. My mom called me the first time on Friday, 11/3/00. We spoke for an hour and a half! She called at 10:30 pm. (not that I remember anything after that!)

I guess the rumor behind my birth was that I was a stillborn.

Here is the story: my mother got pregnant when she was 15 and my Grandparents adopted Denise and raised her as their daughter. But, 10 months after she gave birth to Denise, I was born. Being too much for my grandparents to have 2 little babies in diapers, mom was forced to put me up for adoption. I then was adopted by James and Betty Reimer when I was just days old. My bm, (birthmother) gave birth to my brother, Jimmy, December 22, 1965. And then had Bo, the "baby" 3 years later. Let me say, Bo is no means a baby, but I can pick on him as much as he picks on me, his older sister. I love them all to pieces.

It was all so natural, the feelings I have for my bf (birthfamily). The sad part, is my bf (birthfather) passed away 12 years ago. Long story behind that, BUT, I am just glad my mom's life is better than the hard, long, rough road that she has had to travel as a child.

Hold on to your dreams.